Winter in Finland

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I arrived Finland last August and this was my first time spending the -20 decree Celsius winter here in Vaasa. When my friends knew that I would stay in Finland to do my doctoral studies, they kept advising me to be careful with the winter. I wondered why and now I know the reasons.

I was very happy when I came to Vaasa last August. The weather was warm and the landscape was beautiful. The campus is super nice. It is near the sea and all my colleagues are the nicest people that I have ever met. I first tried some Finnish traditional things, such as sauna and summer cottage. Then, the winter comes.

I noticed this season when I got a cold for two weeks, almost lost my voice and had running nose. I also need to wear extra layers and already covered my body with thick jacket when it was 8 degree Celsius. I also felt down regularly when it was snowing wearing my normal boots. But my Finnish friend once said, “it is not winter yet.” He kept recommending me to take vitamin and omega and equip myself with winter shoes. I was glad that I took his advice seriously.

Now, the winter is gone, and I am glad that I have good friends to recommend me good things, support me all the time and walk me through all depressing and homesick moments I have during this winter. Here is the picture that I took at Vaasa campus. It was really beautiful and I am happy to be here to enjoy the Finnish culture and weather.

Thanks to my friends!

Ha Nguyen
Doctoral Student
International Marketing


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