Why I choose Social Entrepreneurship and International Market?

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My awakening to the wonder of human cultural diversity began with my secondary education in Bangladesh. Livings in a developing country with technological advantages have opened my eyes and mind to the amazing variety of cultural groups in the world. This invaluable experience will help me to be successful in my chosen field of research and teaching.

Today’s amazing international business advancement has prompted a revolution in business and performance enhancement of entrepreneurs helping these business achievements. But in contrast to the fast pace of the ongoing advancement in the developed countries, the various country is lagging far behind both in expertise and technically skilled social entrepreneurs in this field. Since my purpose is to help our nation to develop her social status as well as the economic situation, I chose such a subject which could be of some benefit for the acceleration of its growth. My Ph.D. research topic is “Emergence of Internationalization and Sustainable Economy on Social Entrepreneurship in International Market: An Empirical Investigation in Finland and Bangladesh”.

The indigenous sustainable economy of a country can enhance the possibility of building a sustainable global economy. This research plans to make cooperative synergies between the two lines of research by showing a model of international social entrepreneurship and sustainability. Also, my research will portray the transformative improvement of sustainable international entrepreneurship from its foundations in the economic hypothesis to contemporary perspectives.

However, I need to examine the internationalization of social entrepreneurship by merger or acquisition through a comparative model on the international market and identify key antecedent factors in social entrepreneurial mechanisms that can influence the activities of a social franchise in the international market. Finally, I believe that this research will open a new horizon of the international market to show the path of internationalization in the context of social entrepreneurship around the world.

In conclusion, my ultimate target is clear and pellucid. I want to be excellent entrepreneurship and international business researcher and also to hone myself to be an expert on international business and entrepreneurship. I will polish myself to be a part of that and equip myself to confront the upcoming challenges. So my goal is to obtain a Ph.D. degree in this area of specialization. Hence, I have chosen this topic for my Ph.D. research because I know that this research will identify the grey area and will find some suggestions for the future development of international entrepreneurship.

S M Feroj Mahmood
Doctoral student
The School of Marketing and Communication
International Marketing


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