“The Future is already here”

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Have you ever thought about how Covid–19 affects the way we do our day to activity at work, how we live today, how we are shopping, dining etc.?

The changes happen just at once! The utilization of digitalization in every aspect of life is just at our fingertips. In order for companies to survive with the future competition, the implementation of digitalization on their business setup will be unquestionable. How digitalization affects the internationalization activity of business? What needs to be done to be first out in the block significantly matters most for the success of these dynamic business environments.

As a full-time working business and sales professional, a father of two little boys, I am attending my doctoral studies to find ways to develop strategies for the digitalization of business. We have seen recently that the digital solutions and application platforms change everything from dining at the restaurant to visiting health care facilities to online doctor meetings. This shows that how digitalization impacts our day-to-day activity, and it will play a significant role in business expansion and growth in international markets. These scenarios indicate that the future is already here so that it needs research on the topic to develop strategies for the implementation of the omnichannel approach to internationalizing business.

The title is quoted from author Willian Gibson. The context of digitalization is considered in mind to reflect today’s world.

Tamirat Yigzaw
Doctoral Student
Doctoral Program in Business Studies
University of Vaasa


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