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Sustainability Sparks Success: An Exploration of Finnish Sustainable Ventures in the Global Market

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Anna, an entrepreneur from Finland, established a sustainable fashion line to design and manufacture fashionable and kind items for the environment. Because of her brand’s rapid rise to prominence in Finland, she broadened her operations into other countries. Unfortunately, Anna struggled to locate acceptable partners and navigate the complicated worldwide market. She did not give up in the face of the obstacles, and as a result, she eventually succeeded in growing her brand into new areas.

Anna’s story is not unique. This is a situation that frequently arises for sustainable firms that are interested in expanding their operations internationally. Despite this, sustainability can play a significant role in deciding how well enterprises perform internationally.

Sustainability has become recognized as a crucial element of business success. It takes into account our fiscal, social, and environmental responsibilities. A sustainable effort for a business owner is one that not only makes money but also benefits people and the environment. But sustainable enterprises need help with expanding into international markets. They must manage complicated legislation and cultural differences and may need help finding partners who share their values. Despite these challenges, environmentally sensitive firms can acquire a competitive advantage in the global market by capitalizing on their green credentials.

Sustainable businesses are at a strategic advantage when expanding abroad. It is helpful for sustainable enterprises since customers who care about their influence on the environment and community are more likely to support them. These clients are willing to spend extra on products and services that reflect their underlying values. Also, they can draw investors interested in making socially conscious investments in addition to having a unique selling proposition that appeals to ecologically and socially conscious consumers.

The ability of a company to run sustainably is a prerequisite for its success on a global scale. Yet it alone is insufficient. Also, sustainable firms must demonstrate their competitiveness regarding novel ideas, product quality, and selling pricing. Companies should be able to adjust their goods and services and adapt to the local market to fulfill customers’ requirements in various countries. Businesses that practice sustainability can use their reputation as sustainable to obtain an edge in the global market by leveraging their reputation. Yet, they are also responsible for being aware of other nations’ complex legislation and significant cultural differences. Finnish sustainable initiatives have the potential to provide long-term value for their stakeholders and contribute to a more sustainable future by leveraging their sustainability credentials and matching their business strategy with sustainable ideals.


Rasheda Akter
Doctoral Researcher
School of Marketing and Communications, University of Vaasa


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