A Start to the Doctoral Studies

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Despite the fact that I wanted to do PhD, I did not have enough courage to go for it after completing the master thesis.  It was only a year ago when I came across a news while doing research for a project at my work place. It said, “Stora Enso to divest its holding in Bulleh Shah Packaging in Pakistan”. Being a Pakistani, the news caught my attention and I wondered what causes a company to divest after all the research and hassle to invest in a certain market and country. That is how my journey to the doctoral studies started. Today, I am researching about the reasons of foreign divestments and how these divestments influence the value creation of parent firms?

Indeed PhD is difficult when it comes to the time and schedule keeping. However, you may not have to memorize many things, as you have to do in the medicine field, for instance. Research is something that stays with you even after your working day and while you are sleeping unlike many other jobs. You may keep worrying about how my research will progress from hereon and how will I perform in a presentation or conference etc. However, with the passage of time you will realize that it is all about consistency and continuous study and efforts. Especially if you like your research topic and field, it may provide you with extra fire and motivation in your research journey.

Being the first year student, I may not be able to give great advice but I believe the first year in doctoral studies should be dedicated to the reading and course work mainly. The more you read, the more you will understand about the research and its underlying phenomena and facts. Moreover, continuous discussions with fellows, supervisors and networks play an important role to help, groom and motivate the new comers in the field. The healthy relationship with supervisor, colleagues and other networks plays a vital role to the completion of doctoral studies.

There are times when things do not work the way you wanted or expected but you need to stay positive and motivated. If you ask anyone who has been in the field you will find out that almost everyone experiences ups and downs. In some cases, researchers have had to start again from the scratch or have to change the overall direction of research. Hence, one should be prepared for the setbacks and challenges as it will help to avoid sudden shocks. Keep learning, do not be afraid and do not give up, these are some of the advice that I got from the seniors.

I would here, also recommend new comers to have a good work/life balance and to especially focus on the well-being and fitness. It will not detract you rather the fitness and well-being will help you to be better researcher. Grab the opportunities offered by the University regarding health and well-being as well in order to stay positive and fit.

Good Luck!

Arshed Iqbal
Doctoral Student
School of Marketing and Communication
International Business

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  1. Thank you Arshed for this text and good tips! I am also a first-year graduate student, and I agree that careful reading and course work are worth giving the time for especially in the beginning. I believe it will provide a good basis for research work in the future. All the best and good luck for the studies!


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