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We at the University of Vaasa have set high growth targets in strategy for the future and to be able to achieve those goals academic units and platforms should get many new international projects, but where to start? How do I find a suitable funding for myself or my team? What about networks and project partners? These are often well known by experienced professionals, but it is more difficult for beginners to get started. So, where should you start?

You can always contact the Research Services with a low threshold. We can go through Horizon Europe and other instuments’ funding opportunties and pick out suitable calls for your topic or suggest other potential instruments for you. Of course, this requires that you tell us what you are researching. You will get better service if we know your interests. Research Services might also have information on various cooperation-seeking parties. It is also worth following Messi closely, where we announce open calls so remember to subscribe to the weekly summary email! Subscribe to newsletters from interesting funders as well. And then it is worth checking the funders’ websites for partner events or forums where you can find partners for future applications.

When you encounter interesting calls, it is always worth remembering our research platforms. They are happy to help researchers from different schools and plan projects together. Just send a message to the platform leaders and they can guide you in the right direction.

Then we have external help available, such as Philippe Vanrie, the new UWasa’s EU Advisor and Brussels Representative. He can offer a variety of services, such as identifying funding opportunities as well as networks and partners. He does not help with writing the application, but assists with the preparation and polishing of the application, so that chance to get the funding might increase.

University of Vaasa has a close collaboration with Merinova. They recently hired a new EU Affairs Manager, Matina Mitsobonou, who specializes in energy sector project preparation, finding the right call, assembling consortia, and writing applications. Merinova’s extensive network and years of expertise are also useful resources to take advantage of. The service is free for all Vaasa University researchers

The West Finland European Office, WFEO helps us in Brussels. They monitor the interests of Western Finland and by subscribing to their newsletter you also get great tips about future calls and what is happening at the heart of the EU. By them, we are involved in e.g. in the ERRIN network, through which you can e.g. to find partners for projects and to receive other training.

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