Collaborative doctoral partnership model

CoDoc Vaasa – a new collaboration model between organisations and doctoral researchers


CoDoc – Collaborative Doctoral Partnership Model is a project funded by the Regional Council of Ostrobothnia. We will delvelop and pilot a new co-operation model of the University of Vaasa and regional companies and organisations. The goal of CoDoc is to enable the integration of the company’s or a third party’s research topic into the doctoral researcher’s research project. The partner will fund the doctoral research together with the University of Vaasa.

We believe that the partnership model creates added value for all parties. The know-how and established networks of doctoral researchers will serve to renew and develop the innovativeness of the partner. CoDoc model promotes long-term development, which will enhance competitiveness. It’s also one way to hire future doctorates for highly demanding expert tasks.


Cutting-edge research findings, resources and networks

Eligible CoDoc partners from the private sector are companies (private or listed), associations and individuals. The public sector’s eligible partners are for example cities, municipalities, and societies.

The partnership model integrates strongly with the needs of companies in the province for the development of research-based operations, processes, and services. Relevant research themes, questions and cutting-edge research results will increase competitiveness and discover solutions for the future.

The CoDoc model brings together ambitious and innovative doctoral students with partner organisations with aligned interests, offering an opportunity to affect research parameters, gain early access to results and link their own research and development actions with validated independent scientific research.

During collaboration, companies are offered new research knowledge through unique laboratories and research environments, high-quality academic supervision and close ties with the university.

What could company collaboration bring to your doctoral research?

  • Funding for your doctoral research
  • Real-world implications
  • Access to relevant data
  • 3rd supervisor from the collaboration company
  • Career opportunities outside the University
  • The possibility to make a real impact through collaboration

The CoDoc model allows doctoral researchers to tackle concrete issues related to sustainable business, energy and society utilizing support, resources and data of external partner organisations with common interests. Collaboration between the doctoral researcher and company offers a desirable chance for long-term co-operation and a career path to challenging researcher and specialist positions.

If you are interested, please discuss the possibilities of company collaboration with your supervisor.


Do you want to know more?

Involvement of the companies requires dialogue, mapping and marketing of the model based on the needs and activities of the partners.

We would be happy to discuss this collaboration model with you, to determine how it could benefit your organisation.


You can also contact:

Mika Grundström, Vice-Rector of research

+358 29 449 8786


Virpi Juppo, Head of Research Services

+358 29 449 8111


Philipp Holtkamp, Senior Specialist

+358 29 449 8585


The graduate School of the University of Vaasa

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